About Nor Supplies Ltd

Our history

Nor supplies was registered in the year 2005 and it is known for its high quality seafood products. It boasts of superior fresh air lifted seafood products direct from the leading European factories within 34 hours from the source to Nairobi. From raw materials to processing plant and on through packaging to distribution, we have strict control on the whole operation, as the whole process is carried out strictly by our food awareness/hygiene control trained workers.

Our access to quality materials, experience of product processing, utilizing of rigid quality control standards can guarantee superior quality of the products. Our skilled workers meet the most sophisticated specification for all types of processing requirements and at the same time our strength in sourcing ensures the steady supply of quality seafood products with competitive prices.

Our Shop

Nor Supplies Ltd – Njumbi Road, Lavington

Shop Hours

Monday-Friday  8:30am–5:30pm ET
Saturday 8:30am–1:00 pm ET