ikura salmon caviar

Ikura is the Japanese term for salmon roe. It’s sometimes called red caviar, as well. These large eggs have a soft texture, a briny flavor, and a mild fishiness. Ikura is also one of the healthier ingredients you can enjoy.

Salmon roe is sourced in the late summer and fall from fish that are still in the ocean. The roe is typically brined in salt before being frozen at very cold temperatures. Soy sauce is sometimes substituted. Either way, the salt and sub-zero freezing allow ikura to be available year-round.

Ikura is soft-textured. It has a satisfying and audible pop when you bite into it. Inside it’s a bit oily. The flavor is briny, slightly fishy, and subtly sweet. It tastes kind of like the ocean, and ikura has a lot of umami.