Healthy Eating

It is a dream of every parent to raise healthy children and balance diet is essential.

The critical period of cognitive and physical growth is the first 36 month of life. During this period child require essential nutrient ratio per kilogram of body weight.

Fish is packed with Zinc, iron, iodine, vitamin A and B12

The first thing to consider is the fact that there are many factors to why we are brought up eating certain foods and not others.


Children born on an island or at the coast will inevitably be exposed to fish and seafood from an early age. They may even have caught their own fish. Unless they have a family member who likes angling. Youngsters raised inland are likely to only encounter a live fish when they’re on holiday by the seaside or on a school trip to an aquarium.

Parents in coastal towns, or lakeside are more likely to have access to affordable, locally caught fish and seafood than those in cities or towns many miles from the sea.

Buying from Nor Supplies on the other hand, you get to receive seafood that’s fresh as it was when it landed. But how do you make sure your child develops an appetite for fresh fish and seafood and consequently consumes a whole heap of nutrients that will help their mind and body reach their full potential?

  1. Lead by example.

Children usually try new foods when they see their parent enjoying. Make Fish and seafood regular part of your family meals and express your enjoyment when eating.

  1. Involve children.

Involve children in preparation process and cooking.

  1. Offer choices.

Let them choose between different type of fish and their favorite.

  1. Use positive reinforcement.

 Praise them for trying new food even if they don’t like them at first.

  1. Be patient.

It may take several attempts before your child develop taste for fish and sea food. Forcing them will lead to resistance. Instead encourage them and praise their effort.